Month: February 2016

Zika Virus – What You Need To Know

The level of alarm over the spreading Zika virus is increasing exponentially. The WHO, World Health Organization, stated that this pathogen, which was virtually unheard of in the Americas a year ago, is now spreading so fast that it could potentially infect up to 4 million people in the next 12 months. In response, the WHO has declared a global health emergency, an action it hasn’t taken since the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Where Did It Come From and What Does It Do? The Zika virus was first discovered in 1947 in a rhesus monkey living in the Zika Forest of… Read more »

How To Prepare for Texas Mosquito Boom Following Mild Winter

Winter is Mother Nature’s natural mosquito population control. Every so often though, we get a warm winter, like this one, which brings mosquitoes back to our homes in a way that can only be compared to a swarm of locusts of biblical proportions. This winter, the warmer weather has harbored mosquitoes instead of eliminating them, along with the parasites they can sometimes transmit when taking their blood meal from a host. With the expected mosquito population boost this spring and summer, there is likely to be a higher risk of mosquito-borne diseases transmitted, such as West Nile, dengue fever, Chikungunya… Read more »