Month: May 2016

Do Mosquito Repellents Work? Don’t Buy Bug Spray Again

As summer is  here, we all try our best to prepare our homes and our families with the important items that we will inevitably need during a South Texas summer. From speedos and wife beaters to sunscreen and sandals, it’s likely that your list of summer must-haves is long enough, even before the kids start asking for things like pool toys and the keys to the car. When you arrive at the store, armed with your list, it’s likely that you’ll not only compare prices, but check out the latest new products to arrive on the shelves. Wouldn’t it be a relief… Read more »

After the Rains- Mosquitoes Prepare to ATTACK.

If you’re like most Texans, the only thing you really know about mosquitoes is how much you want to kill every last one of them. You also know that a few days after a big rain they strike in force. From their painful bite to their annoying buzz, mosquitoes can ruin your time outside. But if you’re looking for a way to keep mosquitoes away from property for the long term, Sun Tzu would urge you to learn  more about the enemy in order to outsmart them and enjoy your summer in a mosquito-free yard. If this sounds like a good plan,… Read more »

Bug Spray Works? Better Read This First!

Spring is here, otherwise known as the first half of Summer in South Texas, and as the sun rises earlier and the temperature warms, it’s time to be outside, and it’s time for bug spray. Something else is arriving and for families and homeowners, it can cause a lot of stress. This something is pests, and whether they fly or crawl, their motivation is to turn your yard into their home and breeding ground, while biting your family and spreading dangerous diseases. If protecting your family and your home from pests is a priority, there are some important facts you… Read more »