Month: June 2016

Yard work With No Bites!

Yard work without Mosquitoes It’s hot. The Spurs are done. Football season is too far away. The yard work you’ve been putting off is yelling at you- and it’s voice sounds like your wife’s. And with bad mosquitoes you have to constantly reapply bug repellent  which makes it even more miserable. Luckily, there’s an innovative pest control technology that can save you the hassle and make mowing less awful.. Mosquito Shield is a 3-pronged system for repelling and killing pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. You’ll never have to worry about adding another item to your yard work list or showering in mosquito… Read more »

Party Outside All Night

It’s the weekend, you’re ready to bring it strong. You’re at a party outside at a neighbors house, having some beers and grilling with the guys while the kids and wives are in the yard. All of a sudden your wife approaches with that look and seethes “We are leaving. I’m getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!.” But you haven’t seen one, you haven’t gotten one bite, and you just opened a new Lone Star Light! Now you have to find a red solo cup roadie for the National Beer of Texas, collect the kids as they cry “we don’t want to leave!!!!,” get… Read more »

Mosquito Control Service Saves Summer

Now that summer is in full swing in South Texas, there’s no excuse not to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather and the adventurous spirit of the season. If you’re like most families, you’ve already made a list of the fun activities you’d like to try out in your backyard, and the memories you’d like to make with your family. If you’re short on ideas, or the thought of going into your yard  comes with fears of mosquitoes and the dangers they poise, here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest which can only be… Read more »