About Us

At Mosquito Shield of Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend, our #1 priority is to preserve the joy of spending time outside for South Texas families and businesses with effective mosquito control solutions. Too often, we are driven inside from the annoyance and dangers that mosquitoes pose. Whether it is enjoying a sunset on your porch, lounging by your pool, or just spending time outside with your family there should be no reason that mosquitoes keep you from doing what you love to do. You work hard to be able to enjoy your down time outside, we work hard to ensure you can without getting eaten alive by pests. From our convenient location on the South side of Corpus Christi, we have the ability to immediately treat your property and help you reclaim your yard, using the best mosquito control products.

While a business exclusively dedicated to eliminating and managing mosquitoes in residential and commercial areas may be new to Corpus, Mosquito Shield has been helping protect yards for 15 years with thousands of customers all over the country. A leader in mosquito control products and technology, Mosquito Shield has developed an innovative and highly effective barrier spray comprised of natural ingredients. This groundbreaking spray barrier masks the Carbon Dioxide produced by people that attract mosquitoes, while simultaneously repelling them away from your property. Our licensed technician identifies the mosquito hotspots in your yard and tailors a plan specific to your property to ensure maximum effectiveness. By spraying around the areas on your property that you want to enjoy, this barrier has the ability to last for weeks and increases in strength as it is reapplied throughout the season. This means you can enjoy being outside all Spring, Summer, and Fall without the bug spray or other expensive deterrents.

When you contact us, we will take the time to understand the areas of your yard which are most important to you. With over 90% of Mosquito Shield Customers returning year over year, the answer is a resounding YES! Our mosquito control products really work!