Results- Why we are here

I don’t think I can drive to pick my kid up from school without seeing a truck or a van that says “pest control” on it driving around. You don’t really notice until you get into “the business,” that everybody and their cousin is doing pest control.  There’s definitely a need for it down here. Hot, wet, even more hot, humid conditions results in perfect breeding grounds for insects, snakes, rodents, and even random unexpected animals. Hey, it’s Texas- you never know what you’re going to get, you just know it’s going to be bigger, badder, and you stay prepared for everything. But we don’t do pest control like most of these companies- we do Mosquito Control.

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture we have to have a “Pest Control license”, which we do, but we will leave all the roaches, ants, termites, and their friends to the myriad of companies fighting for your business. We don’t offer 50 pest control services and just recently tacked on mosquito control because mosquito borne diseases are in the news. Mosquito Shield is a company that has garnered tremendous results in eliminating mosquitoes in yards since 2001 with over 90% of their customers returning year after year. We opened this franchise in 2015 in Corpus because there is a severe need-and this was the best service available in the United States with successful franchises all over the East Coast and even Houston and Brownsville. Is it just us or why is Corpus always 15 years behind the rest of the country? We originally wanted this service in our yard– so we wouldn’t get eaten alive throughout the year. Instead we gambled that others would want it too and bought the franchise, establishing it here.

We are not a jack of all trades, master of none. We focus on one thing, and do that one thing well. We get rid of mosquitoes in your yards- and we do it better than anyone. We get results.

Summer Meets ScienceDL3
Before you start digging into online reviews of bug sprays, mosquito zappers, citronella candles, and DIY concoctions to spray on your lawn, take a moment to consider the science behind why pests like mosquitoes, even bother to invade your outdoor space. Mosquitoes breed in areas of shallow, standing water, and these can often be found on or around your property. Think about things like swing sets, holes in trees, old tarps and tires. If there’s a place for water to sit, there’s a place for new mosquitoes to hatch by the thousands in your yard. The most important fact to consider is that mosquitoes are attracted to humans because of the Carbon Dioxide we exhale. That means that no amount of mosquito repellent applied to the skin will ever get you the results you are hoping for.

Mosquitoes Suck, Summer Shouldn’t
Part of the joy of summer is the opportunity to be outside. No matter how much research you do, you’ll never find pest control services that both repel and kill mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas before they get into your yard. Whether you’re playing a game of soccer with the kids, or keeping mosquitoes away from your space, offense is the best defense. If you can kill pests at the source, you can enjoy the activities of summer without having to worry about layering on the bug spray, covering exposed skin, and lighting citronella candles at every gathering. There’s only one pest control solution that brings you this level of protection, it’s created quite a buzz across the country, and we thought it was something Corpus could use.

Try Mosquito Shield – Experience Summer Without the Bites
Mosquito Shield is an innovative pest control solution that is sprayed around the border of your outdoor living space, as well as in the areas where mosquitoes are expected to breed and congregate. Beyond its unmatched effectiveness, one of the biggest benefits of Mosquito Shield is that is frees up more time for you to spend doing the things you enjoy most. When you contact Mosquito Shield, a vector-trained technician will come to your property, learning about your lifestyle and your concerns before scheduling a convenient time to spray your mosquito control border. The technician will return to your property to reinforce the border throughout the season, leaving nothing for you to stress about, and allowing you to cross worrying about mosquitoes off your list – permanently!

Unlike some companies, we aren’t asking for your business because our ancestors go back to Davy Crockett, or because our family has rolled with the right social crowds in Corpus for 8 generations. We opened Mosquito Shield of Corpus because there is a need that is not being met by the city or any other company that can get the results we get. If you’re ready to learn more about how a mosquito control border from Mosquito Shield can get you the results you want, contact us today!