Does it really work?

When we first experienced this service in a friend’s yard in Houston, that is exactly what we asked. Does this Mosquito Shield service work? But while the mosquitoes were swarming outside on a wet May evening, we sat outside all night without getting a single bite. We were shocked. We talked to customers all over the nation. And we became believers.

You will see immediate results from this service. By the third/fourth visit, the Shield should be at its full effectiveness. Yes, it really works.

What areas of the property are treated?

We focus our efforts on the common/active areas of your property such as decks, patios, pools, play areas, etc. We then treat problem areas where mosquitoes and ticks nest and breed.

Who treats my yard?

Our licensed technician will treat your property. He has been trained to think like a mosquito and will quickly identify the areas of your property that are likely to harbor mosquitoes and their eggs. We encourage you to tell us or our technician about the areas of your yard that are most important to you. That way he can determine where to spray so that the barrier is most effective where you want to be outside.

Does the size of my property matter?

No. Because we focus on common areas, we are able to manage each property in a similar manner. In some cases, we will treat larger/remote areas for an additional fee.

How long does each visit take?

On average, each visit takes between 6 and 8 minutes, and you can use your yard once the treatment has dried.

How long does each spray last?

We typically treat every 10-17 days- But it all depends on the weather and the mosquitoes. The spray itself is waterproof against light to moderate rain showers. At times, extreme weather, events such as South Texas torrential flash flood, may decrease the barrier’s effectiveness. However, we are constantly monitoring the weather. The weather determines how prevalent the mosquitoes are. During wet periods of the season, we may be treating every 10 days. During dryer times, we may treat every 17 days. It all depends.

This is a service. It’s our job to monitor the weather and mosquito conditions. Flexibility is built into this service so that we can time the treatments to keep the barrier at its maximum effectiveness.

Will I really not see a single mosquito?

With Texas weather being the main factor which controls the Mosquito population, there will always be exceptions that may move a mosquito or two past the barrier. In Corpus, during particularly windy days, mosquitoes may ride a strong gust of wind past the barrier. But our goal is to control them to the max extent possible. With over 90% of Mosquito Shield customers returning year after year, customer experiences show that the mosquito population in your yard will be dramatically reduced to where you can enjoy your yard again.

What about my garden and/or flowers?

Our technician is licensed and knows where to spray and where to avoid. He will avoid flowers and bushes in bloom where necessary and any garden areas.

Is it guaranteed?


We are so confident in our mosquito control professional services that we will guarantee the results. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, contact us within three days, and we will re-treat at no additional charge. Any interruption in service throughout the season will void the guarantee. There is no signed contract and you can cancel with us at any time. Simply notify us by phone 72 hours before your next service and Mosquito Shield will refund you the cost of the remainder of the season. Contact us at 361-929-5426 or email corpuschristi@moshield.com for more information on how mosquito control will work for you and your yard.

What about Flea and Tick control for my pets?

We offer an additional service in which we treat your entire yard instead of targeting specific areas for mosquitoes. This treatment targets fleas and ticks your yard may contain and help keep your pets tick and flea free. This spray can be an independent service or easily combined with our Mosquito Shield protection plan. Typically this treatment lasts for about 50 days before we will retreat your yard to ensure it remains flea and tick free.

What sets Mosquito Shield apart from other services?

Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend™ (MPB) is a product with over 15 years of continual research and development — more than any other mosquito control company.
Our MPB provides your property with multiple modes of control working to both kill mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies and other flying insects as well as ticks, while simultaneously repelling airborne insects and working to prevent new infestations within the treated areas.
Mosquito Shield was the first to provide customers with flexible treatment schedules that help to improve results during seasonal periods of mosquito breakouts or peak populations. We don’t sell sprays. We provide a worry-free, season-long solution.
State-of-the-art routing software enables us to deliver on our flexible treatment schedules and better serve and communicate helping to improve operating efficiency and satisfaction. Meanwhile, our sprayer equipment may look similar, but it too has been engineered to deliver product more effectively and efficiently while our technicians receive more training. Our technicians aren’t just trained on how to properly apply the product, but also on mosquito and tick behavior and species identification, helping to improve the overall service we provide to our customers.

Are you really positive the Mosquito Shield works?