After the Rains- Mosquitoes Prepare to ATTACK.

If you’re like most Texans, the only thing you really know about mosquitoes is how much you want to kill every last one of them. You also know that a few days after a big rain they strike in force. From their painful bite to their annoying buzz, mosquitoes can ruin your time outside. But if you’re looking for a way to keep mosquitoes away from property for the long term, Sun Tzu would urge you to learn  more about the enemy in order to outsmart them and enjoy your summer in a mosquito-free yard. If this sounds like a good plan, keep reading for some shocking mosquito facts and information that might just leave you itching to learn more.mosqarmy

Mosquitoes are Attracted to Our Breath
As strange as it sounds, the way mosquitoes find us is not by feeling the warmth of our skin, smelling the products we use, or seeing your 80’s Jams shorts. Those are all myths which should be retired along with your countless bottles of bug spray, bug repellent bracelets, and earth-toned ensembles. Mosquitoes are actually attracted to the CO2 we exhale! That means that no matter how much repellent you apply, mosquitoes will find you and bite you. It’s that simple. In order to prevent mosquitoes from finding us, we must mask the CO2 in our breath. While that sounds complicated, a mosquito control border around your yard can keep these flying nuisances out of your space.

A Mosquito Bite Can Do More than Just Take Blood…
While a bite seems bad enough on its own, when a mosquito lands on your skin and bites you, it does more than just take some of your blood. When it bites with its needle-like proboscis, it first injects your blood with an anti-coagulant, keeping the blood from clotting so it can easily consume it. This chemical is the reason why mosquito bites itch and often result in an allergic reaction like swelling or a rash. Additionally, mosquitoes can leave more than a red spot; they carry diseases like West Nile Virus (and the Zika virus which is prevalent south of the border) which can be transmitted in just one quick bite. It may make your stomach turn, but understanding the true impact of a mosquito bite might make you take mosquito control a little more seriously.

Mosquitoes Breed in Water
After the massive rains and flooding of this week, mosquitoes’ eggs will be hatching more than any time this year to date. Mosquitoe lay their eggs in water, or along river banks that rising waters will reach and help to hatch. But the kind of water they prefer is warm, shallow, and still, like the kind of water that can be found in gutters,  in flower pots, unused kids pools, in that used tire out back, or even flat or indented areas of your child’s swingset. A good first step is to walk around your property and locate any areas of standing water, then remove the culprit when possible. The truth is, you’ll never locate all the places that mosquitoes are breeding. That’s why it makes sense to get a mosquito control border sprayed in these areas; killing the existing mosquitoes and ensuring that they’ll never choose to breed in those spots again.

Ask a Mosquito Expert
If you’re curious to learn more about mosquitoes, or you’re ready to get help with mosquito control for your property, you’re in luck. The mosquito control experts at Mosquito Shield can send a vector-trained technician to your house to survey your property, give you the information you need, and begin applying a mosquito control border to keep these complicated pests out of your life, and far away from your family and your home. Contact Mosquito Shield to get started today! Our results speak for themselves from our happy customers!