Party Outside All Night

It’s the weekend, you’re ready to bring it strong. You’re at a party outside at a neighbors house, having some beers and grilling with the guys while the kids and wives are in the yard. All of a sudden your wife approaches with that look and seethes “We are leaving. I’m getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!.” But you haven’t seen one, you haven’t gotten one bite, and you just opened a new Lone Star Light! Now you have to find a red solo cup roadie for the National Beer of Texas, collect the kids as they cry “we don’t want to leave!!!!,” get them all in the car and let your wife drive you all home with the kids crying the whole way. How is this possible? How can you see no mosquitoes yet your wife looks like she has chickenpox from so many bites? Your night ruined, you wonder….Do mosquitoes target certain people?

Party all night


The answer is yes- mosquitoes are attracted to certain types of people. It’s all about smell. Plus, if you’re within 100 feet of mosquitoes, you’re a rich target.  However genetics are actually 85% of the reason why mosquitoes swarmed your wife and left you with your Lone Star Light alone. So here are the main reasons some of us are mosquito magnets while others only rarely perceive a problem:

  1. 1. Exercise and Lactic Acid Production- The sweatier and stinkier you are the more attractive you are to mosquitoes. Sweat emits lactic acid which is like runway lights to a mosquito. Plus, the more and the older the sweat is on your clothes, the more you stick out. In other words, after a long day outside you are going to be more appealing than someone who just finished mowing the lawn in an hour. Bottom line –   taking a shower can help after sweating a lot. With this i in mind it seems that we should export all our mosquitoes to extremely hot places like the MIddle East. I’ve been several times- it would be like heaven to them.Much  better pickings.
  2. 2. Bacteria – I’ll save you the evidence revealing how many trillions of bacteria are on you right now. But the types on people vary from person to person and mosquitoes are more attracted to some than others.
  3. 3. Blood type– This factors big time into how you’re targeted. Studies have found that type O are first on the dining list. They are up to twice as likely to suffer bites than Type A. Worse yet, 85% of people emit a chemical through their skin that gives away your blood type and make you a target well before those that don’t have it.
  4. 4. Carbon Dioxide– This one’s a biggie. Mosquitoes are attracted to Carbon Dioxide. This is the reason that body sprays and insect repellent can be so unproductive. They can’t keep you from breathing CO2 which consistently makes you a target. Those breathing more may get bit more frequently- meaning pregnant women and heavier set people should take extra precautions. Worse yet, studies have shown that beer drinkers are higher targets because they breathe more heavily when drinking. So a better buzz may equal more buzzing around…Not Cool.

The revolutionary thing about the new Mosquito Shield service plan is we take all these factors out of the equation by building a shield around your property that masks the CO2 people inside are putting out. By masking our CO2 the mosquitoes don’t see any need to come into your yard and you may not need to keep taking baths in mosquito repellents. With Mosquito Shield protecting your yard there won’t be a need to end the party at your home. You won’t have to buy the red solo cups. And you won’t have to listen to the crying that comes when the party ends early. You can party all night-no- You can go party all the time (which 1985 Eddie Murphy strongly encourages). No upset wife, no crying kids, and no bites. That’s worth another Lone Star! Contact Us today for a new way to take back your yard. Join the thousands of our customers already that are seeing NO MASquitoes!