Yard work With No Bites!

mowing the yardYard work without Mosquitoes

It’s hot. The Spurs are done. Football season is too far away. The yard work you’ve been putting off is yelling at you- and it’s voice sounds like your wife’s. And with bad mosquitoes you have to constantly reapply bug repellent  which makes it even more miserable. Luckily, there’s an innovative pest control technology that can save you the hassle and make mowing less awful.. Mosquito Shield is a 3-pronged system for repelling and killing pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. You’ll never have to worry about adding another item to your yard work list or showering in mosquito spray, because Mosquito Shield is applied by a professional, vector-trained technician who keeps coming back to ensure the border continues to keep pests far away from your outdoor space.

Keep the Pesmorph3helping-with-yardwork-199x300ts Away 
Think about it. When you’re sweating uncontrollably because you chose to wear long sleeves and pants to keep the pests from biting, or you spend time swatting at them as they fly around your head or crawl on you, you’re wasting time that would be better spent getting work done or taking a break with a cold one! But instead, you’re too legit to quit and keep pressing on, miserably. Stop wasting your time and call Mosquito Shield. With one visit from a Mosquito Shield expert badass technician, you’ll have the confidence to spend time outside without the fear of itchy bites or crawling hitchhikers making their way into your home. Mosquito Shield keeps the pests away so you can get back to the tasks that matter- like mowing while listening to this awesome song on your ipod.

Let the Boys be Boys
Let Mosquito Shield Slam your pests like Onyx and take your yard back from these mosquitoesSlam those mosquitoes in your yard.

Not only are these pests icky and annoying, they’re potentially dangerous to your children and animals. We have long dealt with dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, but now Zika is constantly in the news, poised to become a possible serious problem. With help from Mosquito Shield, you can focus on your yard work while your kids and pets play and feel as careless as a Wham Whisper in your yard. Without the fear of pests in your outdoor space, you can take care of your yard work faster so you can get back to the fun summer activities that you enjoy!

For more information about how Mosquito Shield can help you get your yard work done faster, visit our website for more detailed info, contact us by filling out a quick form, or call us at 361-929-5426. Say good bye to those d@mn bugs and hello to a yard your neighbors envy.