The Perfect Gift – Reclaim Your Yard

As our weather cools off (finally) and we get to wear long sleeves on cool evenings, the last thing we want to think about is when it warms up again in 2016. Now the temperatures are falling, which means it’s time to watch the Cowboys make their playoff run as we head towards Christmas. Oh what? Romo’s hurt and we lost 5 straight? Well let’s get on the Texans bandwagon then. Oh 3-5 start? Well we still have the Spurs? Yes! We can ALWAYS count on the Spurs in South Texas. Oh- and Star Wars… who doesn’t feel like a kid again when it’s time for Santa and Star Wars in the same month!

In any case, it’s time to gear up for Christmas. This will be the year that you finally put up more lights than your neighbor who has won the neighborhood contest 7 years straight. This will be the year that your blow up Rudolph doesn’t fly away when that cold front blows through overnight. This will be the year that you go 100% Clark W. Griswold on the house while your family visits. This will be the year that you find the–wait for it… the PERFECT GIFT.

Maybe like Clark, you’ll spend time over the holidays staring out the window at the spot where you’ll break ground for the pool as soon as the bonus check comes. Or maybe you’ll spend time outside enjoying your porch with a fleece on while watching the sunset. Maybe you’ll get your garden or your yard perfectly prepared for the spring. Maybe you’ll play catch with your kids in the yard or put up that swing-set they’ve wanted. In any case, you’ll probably be outside enjoying the changing seasons.

You work hard to be able to enjoy time outside at home. Whether it is a pool, porch, swing-set, or garden, you want to be outside and appreciate what your hard work has provided. So this year, when you’re outside enjoying these things, why not get the gift that allows you to enjoy these things all next year— even when the mosquitoes are driving everyone else inside.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall it’s no secret that mosquitoes around Corpus are a serious problem. Whether it’s the danger they pose from West Nile Virus or just the constant annoyance they present whenever you’re outside, mosquitoes alter our behavior. Instead of enjoying our yards carefree we are taking baths in repellant, lighting candles, slapping ourselves silly, and ultimately giving up and going inside.

But now the game has changed. There’s a solution that has been sweeping across the country over the last decade and now is helping the Coastal Bend. Mosquito Shield of Corpus Christi is a professional, veteran owned and operated, service that specializes in Mosquito Control specifically tailored to your yard. With heavy rains and the heat we experience, the Coastal Bend is the perfect environment for mosquito problems. Our service actively monitors the weather patterns and mosquito population to determine when to spray our proven spray around your property every 10 – 17 days. Our licensed technician not only targets the mosquito prone areas in your yard but puts up an invisible barrier around your property that drives them out– and keeps them out of your yard. You buy the service and we take care of the rest– all season long– Guaranteed.

The perfect gift is hard to find. And it’s sadly unlikely you’ll be able to swing a Cowboys playoff appearance for dad. But a great gift is the gift of experiences. Many of us remember that when we were growing up in Texas that meant growing up outside. Today, with technology distractions everywhere it sometimes seems like basic outside activities like playing catch, building a fort, or playing outside in the pool together is at a premium. Why let mosquitoes ruin these moments?

The gift of mosquito control from Mosquito Shield is truly the perfect gift for everyone. Let us tailor a plan specific to your property– and give you back the areas you want to enjoy. If you want to surprise your family– tell them you’re giving them back all the outside experiences you want– without the bites.

Take your yard back – without mosquitoes.